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Business Application Support service

Consider it a sort of safety net for the applications and data that are essential to your organizational productivity.  Our Business Application Support service†offers remote, same-day support for business-critical database applications and systems

Successful organizations rely heavily on the efficiency, power and precision of database-driven business applications. So, when one goes bad, it immediately and severely impacts the business.

It occurred to us that it would be nice for organizations to have a sort of insurance policy against having to face critical application failures alone.

Our Business Application Support service enables us to keep expert database engineers, senior administrators and senior programmers available to respond to urgent needs.

Our database experts are especially adept at remote diagnostic and repair work, meaning they can be on the job  repairing your application seconds after your call.

Using remote-access tools, our database experts can–right before your eyes–look at your database application, determine the problem and repair it. (Yes, we know, it sounds a little unbelievable. You really have to see it to believe it).

Regardless of your industry or field–biosciences, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, finance, sales, engineering–we have the experience and expertise required to get your database application going again.

Our Business Application Support service is offered by annual contract.

In addition to emergency repairs, service time can include scheduled maintenance; upgrade management, bug fixes, design enhancements, training, design, integration and business-process analysis and consultations.

Contractual terms include:

  • Guaranteed emergency support availability–usually immediate, but always within 24 hours of first call
  • Service is used in pre-paid time blocks (4-hour minimum purchase; $150 per hour contract rate)
  • Service time blocks remain good for 12 months after invoice payment


Imagine that. Expert, affordable, comprehensive coverage for the business applications your organization depends upon.

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Our remote Business Application Support service is powered by: Dropbox and GoToMeeting.