Migration Services – Methodology & Tools

Very few companies would want to eliminate all of their MS Access applications. The best results are achieved by focusing on migrating applications that are limiting business efficiency and agility. With our team’s extensive Microsoft Access migration experience and advanced tools and utilities, we’ve developed a 5-step proven approach to migrating Microsoft Access applications:

1. Discovery

We’ll perform a programmatic discovery across your entire network (DiscoverAccess™) and gather statistics which will allow for a detailed analysis leveraging our specialized tools and utilities.
Case Study:  Albertsons/Safeway Merger
Results:         A detailed view of your IT asset portfolio and dependencies.

2. Assessment

Using our migration framework, make key decisions on the path and destination for each application.
Our Tools: Will be utilized to programmatically assess each database application’s effort required to convert and migrate to the target technology that being SQL Server, Azure or Oracle. Our tools perform the heavy lifting to convert and migration more objects than any other tools available because we are constantly reinvesting in their development as we tackle new customer challenges.
Case Study:  HomeGuard Home Inspections
Results:        Target deployment, service, and technical vendor platform per application.

3. Migration Planning

Our Microsoft Access certified professions will create a practical roadmap based on the application assessment focusing on achieving value early and gaining momentum.
Case Study: California Public Utilities Commission Database Consolidation 
Results:        Detailed roadmap with activities, outcomes and costs.

4. Migration and Testing

Our skilled professionals will migrate the applications as planned using our automated tools and standard data transformation processes.
Case Study:  Blue Shield of California / Care1st Healthcare Merger
Results:         Validated and migrated applications in target environments.

5. Deployment

Go live in a more powerful and efficient place.
Our Tools: Automate the conversion and migration process converting what other tools fail to convert. Our dedicated staff monitors all the processes and insures the implementation and cutover is seamless.
Case Study:  HealthPlan of San Mateo Support
Results:         Mission critical systems in a stable and scalable state insuring long-term business continuity and providing a competitive advantage .